May 29 - 30, 2010


Thursday, May 27, 2010


I know that this is the second LCD Soundsystem video I've used to introduce a post, but James Murphy is the King Of Brooklyn and he just, speaks to me man. Ya dig?


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Bushwick Rooftop Festival occurs the same weekend that Sex and the City 2 opens. Bird Dog will never admit to it, but the completely antithetical nature of the two events give the kind of stunning contrast to your potential weekends that can only come from careful planning.

Go on, gaze in horror at the Photoshop-smooth face of Sarah Jessica-Parker. Do so and know that this movie is not for us. I know people want a little escapism every now and again, but think critically for once in your miserable life. This is a movie about four incredibly rich women completely unaffected by the worst financial downturn in a generation who have so many problems being rich and bored that they get away from it all in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is located in the United Arab Emirates, which is famously home to Dubai, a place whose wealth vanished into the sands it was built on when we realized the entire fucking world was overleveraged.

In short: four cartoon characters with no connection to the real world visit a cartoon fantasyland that represents everything that was wrong with the world in the days of the real estate bubble. Perfect fit.

But oh that escapism. I’d ask what you have to escape from but I’ve already gone over the fact that you’re poor and the only thing you can afford to do is attend the Bushwick Rooftop Festival. But really, I think air conditioned movie escapism isn’t even necessary in New York City. Why escape into some movie studio’s fairytale version of New York when you can escape into the real New York, a place with endless options and adventures in every bar, if not on every corner? Why escape into something that’s not only an obvious cash grab but is apparently grossly offensive to anyone who can record a reading on an EEG? Sex and the City 2 is plastic consumption porn for desperate souls living someplace where a movie is the only option.

The Bushwick Rooftop Festival, on the other hand, is alive! It’s unpredictable and ramshackle, which is just beautiful. Shit, Bird Dog hasn’t even found enough people to bartend yet (which by the way, if you’d like to drink for free, you should volunteer). Yeah maybe we’re hipster scum, but we’re just a couple days away from turning a lot of hard work into an explosion of passion and energy. I’ll escape into that any day.

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